I have an excel sheet with 16 columns and 660,000 rows trying to generate placekeys. Having a bit of trouble

Hey all, I have an excel sheet with 16 columns and 660,000 rows trying to generate placekeys. The excel add-ins is not working because the file is too large. Does anyone know another way that I can use to generate these codes? I know that the website mentions Python but I have no experience using Python. Any help will be be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hi @Angie_Dabu_University_of_Delaware, while I would almost always recommend using Python, if you are looking for a quick fix, you could try splitting the CSV into multiple smaller files

My recommendation is to just do it via Command Prompt (safer) - Autosplit Large CSV Files into Smaller Pieces - PMG - Digital Marketing Company

But if that is not as comfortable or not an option you can use a site to do it

I have never used this site, but you can check it out - https://www.splitcsv.com/

also, I dont know if you are working locally or online, but here is some size limitation information from Google Sheets

keep me posted, I am interested to see what you find.

Hey @Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1! Thank you so much for your suggestion. i tried splitting the cvs before but still I don’t have a placekey for every address. I guess the only way is Python, unfortunately. :/// But I never used it, so I am trying to learn from youtube. Its going to take me time to figure it out.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by your tried splitting the CSVs before but still don’t have a Placekey? You ran the plugin on the file and it returned what?

@Angie_Dabu_University_of_Delaware It is possible that some addresses won’t get a placekey due to invalid address or some other random error. Do you know how many of the 660,000 did not receive a placekey?

Additionally, we have a Python tutorial that can give you a head start, if you choose to try Python. However, we really want placekey to be accessible for non-programmers too, so the Excel add-in should give the same results :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Ryan_Kruse_MN_State Thank you for you reply. I am using the Excel add-in and I do not get placekeys for all my addresses … So the add-in command would generate codes for the first 1000 rows (addresses) then no codes from row 1001-3000…and would continue to generate codes again from say row 6000-7000 and so on. So, in the end I only have codes for 1/4 of my dataset. yes I do get some “Invalid address” response, but that’s ok; the problem is with the rows that it leaves as blank (no response, meaning no code or “Invalid address”).

Hi @Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1 Thank you for you response! So because the excel add-in was not gerating a code for all my (660,000)addresses , I split the data into different sheets.Say sheet1 contains the first 40,000 addressed, then sheet2 from 40,0001-80,000…and so on. But again, I do not get a a code for every row. I took a look at the Python tutorial but Python its not working for me.

ok @Angie_Dabu_University_of_Delaware, so the rows that have nothing are what we are worried about, would you mind sending a screenshot and if possible something like 5k rows for me to test on my end?

Just send it in a PM if its all the same

also thank you for the screen shot