Has anyone connected with Kinsa Insights data?

On a different note, has anyone connected with Kinsa Insights data? I reached out to them, but haven’t heard much yet. Kinsa HealthWeather™

I have contacted them as well, but haven’t heard back…

Me too and me neither! I know @Pablo_Fuentes_makepath was working on it but not sure if he found an in.

I got the request to reach out to them from the CDC. They had been in contact with them, and then Kinsa stopped responding. So, they wanted to see if we could get anywhere. It may be a dead-end for now.

I’m going to try to utilize this one, to see if shows similar trends. Not sure I can get the same granularity though. https://cmu-delphi.github.io/delphi-epidata/api/

Hi…I am in close touch with the Kinsa team about working together. I reached out to their Head of Product last week with verbiage that @Jonathan_Wolf_SafeGraph sent me. @Charity_Hilton_Georgia_Tech_Research_Institute do you have a specific request that you want to send their way? I may be able to use it as a follow-up

Awesome @Pablo_Fuentes_makepath. Mostly we just would like to access their data at an aggregate level (US County by day), so we can overlay it on some of our other data to compare.

@Charity_Hilton_Georgia_Tech_Research_Institute @Pablo_Fuentes_makepath that is exactly what we’re looking for as well

It looks like most of it is accessible via APIs that they’re using on their site, but I don’t want to use it without permission

Awesome…can you please write me an email at mailto:pablo@makepath.com|pablo@makepath.com with the specific request and use? I can send it to the right person.

@Pablo_Fuentes_makepath sent and thanks!

@Charity_Hilton_Georgia_Tech_Research_Institute sent to them,…will let you know


@Charity_Hilton_Georgia_Tech_Research_Institute glad I could connect you :slightly_smiling_face:

@Pablo_Fuentes_makepath does it seem like there’s a path for them to share more broadly?

I was finally able to get access. It is simple once you have their web form. Will defer to Pablo for broader access questions. It requires filling out a license agreement.

@Jonathan_Wolf_SafeGraph I have mentioned it to them twice, with no response. They did respond directly to Charity’s request. Unfortunately, not sure much more I can do right this moment :confused:

Toda bien! Thanks for checking!

@Jonathan_Wolf_SafeGraph I am sorry it did not work out.