Getting error: "parse error: premature EOF"

Hello -

Hopefully the support on this forum is still active?

I am using the SafeGraphR package to begin some research on weekly pattern data. Following along with the SafeGraphR documentation, I have this code: <- read.csv("core-data.csv")
data.patterns <- list.files(pattern = ".csv", recursive = FALSE) <- read_many_patterns(filelist = data.patterns,
                                    by = "placekey", expand_int = "visits_by_day")

However, I am getting the following error I can absolutely not figure out what is causing it to happen:

Error: parse error: premature EOF
                     (right here) ------^

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Were you able to get help on this Bradley? Or figure this out? I am encountering the same error.

@bcongelio @susan.perkins Just following up here to see if this has been resolved for either of you. If not, please let me know!

If it has, please share what the issue was for other users (or for Dewey to fix).