Creating your own POIs

Hi. I’m interested in knowing if it’s possible to create your own POIs based on locations I’m interested in (e.g. Natural Parks). I have the coordinates and geographic information, but I would like to know if based on those points of interest to me I could create my own POIs to monitor foot traffic with SafeGraph Data. Has anyone ever done something similar?

Hi @gabriella.palomo. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this currently. SafeGraph is no longer updating their Patterns data. They used to take requests and backfill their dataset every few months, but that no longer occurs. Let me check with Advan, the new provider of Patterns data, to see if they plan on doing something similar. Have you checked if the POI has a Placekey or have you made one for it yet?

If you have the geographic information, you could work with someone like Veraset and license their raw gps data to build your own attribution model if they don’t have the POI in their Visits database. I’m working on bringing them onto the platform, but they wouldn’t be on the Dewey subscription tiers and would require a separate subscription.

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