Build customer demographic profile notebook

I tried to run the above notebook to get familiar with the safegraph dataset. But I received an error while running the 4th cell, saying the data frame has no attribute safegraph_place_id.
I checked the data frame and that was different from that in the original notebook. Please look into the issue

@ayushgupta.ra Can you share what notebook you are referring to? This post is new and not a reply to the tutorial

I apologize if that wasn’t the right place to ask that question. I was talking about
notebook. I have attached screenshots of the error and what I have tried.
Thank you in advance

@ayushgupta.ra It looks like there is a typo in the notebook. The column should be safegraph_brand_ids instead of safegraph_brand_id. That should hopefully resolve the issue.

First of all sorry for the late reply.
I tried using brand ids, along with changing the POI Wallmart id. There were several cells where similar errors appear, but I was able to run the notebook.
Thank you for the help