Announcing SafeGraph Spend: The First Places-Based Transaction Dataset

SafeGraph is excited to announce a brand new product offering, SafeGraph Spend, the first places-based transaction dataset. :credit_card: :moneybag:

SafeGraph Spend provides anonymized, aggregated, and permissioned consumer transaction data for points of interest, enabling you to uncover insights on how spending changes over time at specific POIs while comparing spending trends between locations and across regions.

If you want to learn more about SafeGraph Spend, check out the following resources:

How will this data be made available to academics?

Hi J - it will not be made available through the Data for Academics Program but can be purchased. Happy to go over more details in our upcoming meeting as it will not be available in the SafeGraph Shop.

Hi @Niki_from_SafeGraph is there a pricing scheme available?

@Niki_from_SafeGraph curious - does Safegraph Spend have historical data? If so, how far back does this history extend?

Great question. Similar to our Patterns dataset, we will have historical data for Spend. It currently goes back until January 2020 with plans to eventually support more years of historical data.

Correct. Currently, Spend is only offered for POIs in the US.

Can share more details in our call today :+1: