Would you benefit from access to Gusto data for your research?

Interesting view of the economy from Gusto’s Payroll and HR data (Gusto provides HR/payroll software)


Would you benefit from access to Gusto data for your research? SafeGraph has a relationship with Gusto and are exploring possible partnerships, but your interest helps accelerate those conversations, so let us know

...data from the second half of April provides initial evidence of stabilization, with layoff rates returning to levels lower than the initial peak of the crisis in early April. Also, hiring rates are starting to return to pre-COVID levels. ```


@Ryan_Fox_Squire_SafeGraph Yes, I think adding Gusto would be awesome for economic research.

Yes, it would be incredibly useful.

Payroll data could be very useful for economic research


Hi, any updates on possible Gusto/SafeGraph partnerships to enable researchers to work with Gusto data?

Unfortunately Gusto has not been able to figure out their data sharing policies. I am not optimistic.