Would it be possible for me to be granted access to the SafeGraph shop so that I can continue receiving updated data?

Hi, I’m perusing the SafeGraph slack for the first time in a while and noticed that SG is transitioning from the data catalog to the SG shop. When I first joined the SafeGraph community I was affiliated with a government agency (NIH) but I have since transitioned to an academic position at University of Washington. Would it be possible for me to be granted access to the SafeGraph shop so that I can continue receiving updated data? I’m working for the Seattle Flu Study now, and we’re interested in linking mobility and behavioral changes to respiratory virus transmission dynamics in the greater Seattle area. Of course I’d be happy to sign a new DUA. Thanks, Amanda

Hey @Amanda_Perofsky, Thanks for the question. getting access to the Safegraph shop shouldn’t be a problem, and since you should be able to use your academic email to create an account for the shop all the data is available for free. I do believe that you’ll have to create a new account to get this done. to do so you can go to :
https://shop.safegraph.com and create a new account.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

@Pranav_Thaenraj_SafeGraph Great! Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

@Pranav_Thaenraj_SafeGraph I created an account with my academic email but the data aren’t free to access. Is there something on SG’s end that needs to be done to designate me as an academic researcher? Thanks!

@Amanda_Perofsky can you fill out this form

Once this form is filled out with your academic email, it should provide you with the credentials that will let you access the data for free

Thanks @Pranav_Thaenraj_SafeGraph! I submitted the academic form yesterday but haven’t received an email with credentials. Perhaps it’s still being reviewed.

@Amanda_Perofsky yes this could be the case, Please let me know if you don’t have the credentials by the end of today

@Amanda_Perofsky which email address did you use to sign up for the Shop?


@Amanda_Perofsky if you log out and log back in, you should be able to access the Shop as an Academic, sorry for the trouble here

@John_Votta_SafeGraph No worries at all. That did the trick! Thank you to SG for providing access to such a wonderful data source.

@John_Votta_SafeGraph I noticed in the data catalog that weekly patterns (just as an example) are available through May 2021 into June whereas the most recent data in the SG shop end in April 2021. Should I continue using the data catalog to access the most up to date data or will everything eventually transition to the shop?

@Amanda_Perofsky we will maintain Weekly Patterns in the Catalog at least until we release that functionality in the Shop / API. We aim to not interrupt any workflows and can enable you for access as necessary for the catalog in the interim.

Ok great. Thank you for clarifying. :slightly_smiling_face:

I still have access to the data catalog with my original login credentials