Will the `Patterns` data become unavailable soon?

Hi, just noticed a warning message on the SafeGraph webpage Patterns | SafeGraph Docs

Does this mean the Patterns data become unavailable soon? :hot_face:

Legacy Product

This page references SafeGraph Patterns, Weekly Patterns, and/or Neighborhood Patterns, legacy products that will no longer be available at the start of 2023. If you are interested in foot traffic data, please contact us and we can refer you to a mobility data partner.

@Yingjie_Li_MSU great question. We’re working on onboarding the new mobility provider that SafeGraph is transitioning their customers to, so we’ll still provide foot traffic data with the same attributes.

There might be a slight disruption of the delivery in January as we set up this new provider. We’ll make a wider announcement once we have more information.

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