Will it be possible to obtain the dwell time with more refined buckets?

Hello, we are trying to perform probability learning based on bucketed_dwell_times to inference the percentage of restaurant visits that belong to pick-up or dine-in, respectively. The challenge is that there are too few dwell time buckets ({ “<5”, “5-20”, “21-60”, “61-240” ,">240"}). Will it be possible to obtain the dwell time with more refined buckets? Thanks for sharing the very precious dataset!

Hi @Zhengtian_Xu_George_Washington_University, if I understand you correctly, you are asking if there is more granular data available, right? If so, unfortunately the answer is no, the data you see is as granular as it gets.
If I missed you meaning, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

@Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1 Thanks for the clarification. I saw that the SafeGraph data shop exemplifies more granular buckets on dwell times: {"<5", “5-10”, “11-20”, “21-60”, “61-120”, “121-240”, “>240”}, and therefore wondered if it is possible to obtain that granular. Even a small sample of data would be extremely helpful.

@Zhengtian_Xu_George_Washington_University I am looking at the Schema and it shows exactly what your first message shows in terms of bucketed dwell times. You are saying the Data shop shows you a POI set with more granular data, correct? - could you send me a screen shot so I know I am understanding correctly?

From the schema:
“<5”, “5-20”, “21-60”, “61-240”, “>240”

Sorry for the confusion on my end.

I see so this was just released with December (brand new) so only the newest data will have that bucketed time –> however, backfill may have those 2 extra buckets, I am not sure. I will need to check

From the change catalog:

> We’ve added +2 bins to bucketed_dwell_times for increased granularity!

Thank you so much and this is so considerate!!! The increased granularity (even just for the December dataset) is extremely helpful to us. We will check the new dataset immediately.

From what I can tell @Zhengtian_Xu_George_Washington_University, the December data has the more granular data, but the backfill does not.

check them both our for yourself and let me know how it goes! Sorry for the roundabout route to this conclusion haha

Sure, I can’t say thank you enough.