Why do thoese graph_brand_id miss and how can I address it?

Hi All, I am working on merging the core_poi-patterns.csv file with brand_info.csv file. I think the correct way is to use the graph_brand_id (plz correct me if I am wrong). However, I find about 50% graph_brand_ids in the core_poi-patterns.csv file are missing. May I ask whether it is the only problem for me? If not, why do those graph_brand_id miss and how can I address it? Thank you very much.

Hello @Tinghua_Duan_IESEG_SCHOOL_OF_MANAGEMENT, since safegraph_brand_ids is a column of lists in the core_poi.csv, are you exploding the column vertically? This might be the reason behind the missing brand_ids.

Let me know if you have any more questions

Hello @Pranav_Thaenraj_SafeGraph, safegraph_brand_ids got more than 50% missing values in the core_poi.csv. Is that true?

@Pranav_Thaenraj_SafeGraph For example, all Walmart Express stores do not have a corresponding safegraph_brand_ids.

Hi @Pranav_Thaenraj_SafeGraph I think I know what’s happened to my data. Since I only downloaded 7 industries (NAICS), so I cannot find a lot of brands in the cor_poi.csv file. Could you please let me know how I could download all NAICS at one time? Or I can only manually download them one by one? In addition, I also got a problem when I try to download other industries. The Individual Links always shows the INCOMPLETE finally, and I cannot download the data. Could you please let me know what happened to my account? Thank you very much.

hey, @Tinghua_Duan_IESEG_SCHOOL_OF_MANAGEMENT the issue has been escalated to product. I will get back to you with an answer.