Why are there many entries without 168 values in the VISITS_BY_EACH_HOUR column in the Weekly Patterns - Foot Traffic dataset?

Hey @evan-barry-dewey , unfortunately I still see only 144 values instead of 168 for the 44th week of 2022. Can you please have a look into this as soon as possible? I started downloading the data on the 11th of January, so I made sure that it was the latest version.

@ariadnaaz13 can you try grabbing it from this product? We had trouble “refreshing” just one week, but this new product allows you to use the API to point directly to the source where the files are stored.

@evan-barry-dewey I thought you said you did a complete refresh of the dataset in order to fix that week. So the Sunday of the 44th week of 2022 will stay missing in this dataset?

Regarding the product you mention, when was this historical data version last updated? Aren’t there POIs missing in the historical dataset?

The new product I shared points directly to the latest files we have for the data, which we were told was updated to fix your issue but we have no way of confirming at the moment. Please try the API to just grab that week of data and let us know.

The previous product pointed to a database that was occasionally refreshed to bring in the latest data. The refreshes worked to add new files/week, but looks like it may have had a challenge update existing files.

Thanks for helping us work through this.

I just finished downloading it and that week is correct. Thank you!

I’m a bit confused about the differences between the two products though. Which one should I be working with?

Moving forward, please work with the “new” one you just accessed. It should be the only one visible on the Advan listing now.

We’l post public messages when we receive backfills. This new product will ensure the backfilled data is available to users the moment we get it.