Which Year of Geography Geometries Used in Safegraph Pattern Data

I want to use the census block group geometries and census tract geometries with pattern data.

According to this link(What is the year of the Census Block Group geographies?)
and safegraph docs (Open Census Data | SafeGraph Docs), I think the 2010-2019 Census Block Group geometries (300mb download, 1.8gb uncompressed) were based on Census 2016 Shapefile.

But my study shows that open census: Census Block Group geometries do not match any data with the census shapefile.

Open census:
2010-2019 Census Block Group geometries have 220740 records,
2020-2029 geometries have 242335 records.

And I checked all the shapefiles from 2010 to 2020 downloaded from NHGIS:

US_blck_grp_2010.shp 219774
US_blck_grp_2011.shp 219774
US_blck_grp_2012.shp 219774
US_blck_grp_2013.shp 219770
US_blck_grp_2014.shp 219768
US_blck_grp_2015.shp 219768
US_blck_grp_2016.shp 219771
US_blck_grp_2017.shp 219772
US_blck_grp_2018.shp 219774
US_blck_grp_2019.shp 219773
US_blck_grp_2010_tl20.shp 219793
US_blck_grp_2020.shp 241764

None of them can match the data of safegrpah.

In addition, safegraph open census data:
2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 have 220333 records, and 2020 has 242335.