Where I can enter a new password?

I was able to register and login to shop.safegraph.com, but I am unable to change my password (from the auto-generated temporary one). Account –> Profile –> EDIT PASSWORD –> Reset Password asks me to login. but after I log in again, I just end up at the main view, instead of having access to an interface where I can enter a new password.

Hi @Brian_Klahn_University_of_Virginia. After you click reset password please click “Forgot Password” on the bottom right of the login page. You should then be prompted to enter your email and a reset link will be sent to you. See this video for how to find the button.

Ah. That worked.
That’s a weird, non-standard, misleading interface.
I didn’t “Forgot Password”.
Usually a “Forgot Password” interface implies a reset, where a new autogenerated one will sent (because you weren’t able to login at all).

Here, it looks like, the interface response behaves differently if it detects if you are already logged in (via web token?)
But it is confusing if the Reset button takes you to a login page. It either implies that you are no longer logged in, OR it implies it is doing what many sites do (e.g. amazon.com, etc.): have you re-enter your password, as an added precaution, before being able to do security sensitive things (e.g change a password).

I think it could be a little less confusing if the Reset button pointed directly to the Forgot Password page, rather than the login page.