Where can I find the Metadata?

Hi, I was wondering where I could find the metadata for the different databases? I downloaded the ADVAN foot traffic data and I’m trying to understand each field.

@gabriella.palomo thanks for writing in. I just emailed you a copy of the documentation. We’re working on creating a public post for these soon.

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@evan-barry-dewey could you also share a copy of the metadata with me? I also wonder if this dataset has standard metadata, like ISO19115, for example. Thank you!!

@Yingjie_Li_MSU just emailed you!

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You can find the Advan documentation here: Documentation (Public) - Google Drive

Hi, Evan, could you also email me metadata also? It seems Advan change POIs over time.

Hi @Ryan_Zhenqi_Zhou_SUNY_Buffalo, you can find the column description here: Documentation (Public) - Google Drive

The POI are subject to change over time as POI are added to the dataset or if locations close.

I just got the shared placekeys you give to me, it’s 300M. Btw, in my file browser, I also found a file named “shared_placekeys_map.csv”, this file is around 130M.

Could you tell me which file is right? and represent the shared_placekeys?

The one I sent you is from June 2023. The one in your image is from Nov 2022. I’d use the most recent one for a complete file.

Thanks Evan!