Where can I download the historical monthly Patterns data?

Hi everyone, may I know where can I download the historical monthly Patterns data? In data shop it asks for filters, but I want to download all patterns data in certain month without any filter. What should I do? Thank you!

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Hey @Jojo_Zhou ! Thanks for the question. When you go to add Patterns to your cart, you should get a window indicating the time range you’d like. Our data goes back to January 2018.

One note - you have to enter at least one value between Geography, Brand, and Category to download data. If you want all Patterns data, I’d recommend adding US to your search as UK and Canada do not currently have Patterns data.

Got it! Thank you so much Niki!

Of course! Happy to help. Out of curiosity, what does your research look at?

We want to use footprint data to measure people’s activity under covid-19 :slightly_smiling_face:

Very cool! Let me know how your research is coming along.

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sure. thank you very much!