Where are SafeGraph monthly patterns files for Jan-June 2022?

I was working my way backward through the historical monthly patterns from SafeGraph, and while each month was split into 29 parts in most months, I just realized that January through June of 2022 are missing most files.

  • January only has 8 files
  • February has 11 files
  • March through June have 15 files each

Where are the rest of the data files for those months?

I am also facing the same issue.

@Sled7424 and @evan_nielsen thanks for writing in about this. Technically the free Monthly Patterns sample data you’re referring to was intended to be for 2018 - 2021 (see screenshot). This caused it to not be configured properly for 2022, even though it still allows users to select data from that period.

We’re working on a fix for that which will allow the full 2022 data to be included in the sample.

For subscribers, the complete history of monthly patterns is currently available for use since it is a different product to order.

I went ahead and unlocked the full Monthly Patterns dataset for Starter users as well. You’ll have to create a new order to access this data. Please only select the months you’re interested in at checkout.

Hi Evan,

Thanks for your quick reply. What’s the difference between free historic data and subscribe data?

Nothing other than the free monthly patterns data was time bound to 2021. Now you can access through 2022 for free.

With a subscription, you can also access historic Weekly Patterns and Neighborhood Patterns along with the Patterns products from Advan that continue into 2023.

Thanks @evan_barry_dewey !