What is the real Place API rate limits and wait period?

Hi, Dear SafeGraph friends,

I have a question regarding Place API rate limitations. The documentation says ‘1000 requests per minute’. I wonder what the 1000 requests mean? For example, I want to query core places, and in each place, I query 5 attributes. Does 1000 means 1000 core places? or 1000 data points for attributes? In this case, I can get 1000/5=200 places.

The other question is regarding the wait period? How long do I need to wait in order to retry my query request?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @yangsong - thanks for the question. The rate limit to the Places API is 1000 requests per minute, and 100 requests per second for the batch requests. 1000 requests can include 500 places per request. Each POI can include multiple rows.

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