WageScape merging salary/compensation and job title

Has anyone been able to merge the job title supplementary data with the salary data?

When I do so on job id, I get car wash assistants making 650k and subway sandwich artists working at hospitals… so clearly merging on job id isn’t working. I was able to merge job role and job title using job id, but when I merge with salary using job id the job titles arent matching with the correct salary observation.

Could you share any specific job ids where you’re seeing a discrepancy?

Hi Ameya,

Thanks for your response. Here are some examples:

           job_id                                            title                 company salary
1 823218832382317                                             Cook               Marshalls 649999
2 823218835952171                                           Server LifeStance Health| Inc. 649999
3 823218834789268 Veterinarian Director Laboratory Animal Medicine   Johnson Family Dental 300000
4 823218832061327                       Washbay Attendant 4pm-12am   Johnson Family Dental 290000
5 823218847547667                                            Tutor     Dr. Zak Dental Care 250000

I’m not seeing the data you’re seeing. It looks like you pulled the salary data prior to an update and the titles data after, so that might be causing some issues. Would try downloading the salary data again here: https://app.deweydata.io/products/39386a36-69aa-47ff-8b93-75344e2f969f/package.

This worked! Thank you so much, Ameya :slight_smile:

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