Vandy study shows increased mobility

@John_Graves_Vanderbilt_University_School_of_Medicine congrats on the news article about your research: Vandy study shows increased mobility

@John_Graves_Vanderbilt_University_School_of_Medicine After reading the news article, would you recommend that lifting of lockdowns are poor policy suggestions? I was particularly interested in your comment at the end regarding the increased risk of economic contagion. I know there are more than a few that would argue the opposite, i.e. the risk of economic contagion worsening if lockdowns remain in place is higher than if they do remain in place.

@John_Graves_Vanderbilt_University_School_of_Medicine Interesting report. It clearly illustrates the populational sentiment about the virus and the related economic consequences. I am also not sure about your comment on “economic contagion”. Would you say people’s perception of the spread of virus has economic effects that are contagious?