Us mobility trends during the pandemic

Our mobility maps made from SafeGraph data: US Mobility Maps — More layers are coming soon. A short paper is attached at the bottom of the page. Comments are welcome.

Now we have some explanations why Michigan had a surge in cases in March.

@Olga_Buchel_NECSI Interesting. What program did you use for the Louvian method? Did you do any causal statistics on mobility - COVID incidence?

@Thomas_Young_Econometric_Studios_Utah_Legislature I just use the python package for louvain. The rest is a combination of my code in Python and JavaScript. We do have plans to analyse these communities further. While the top level communities one can understand visually and see some connection that can be verified empirically, for smaller communities further analysis are needed. The problem is that these datasets are large and it takes a while to produce all these maps and run the analysis. Besides the mobility project, I run many other maps at ECV website (

@Olga_Buchel_NECSI Very nice. Thanks.