Unable to recreate dataset. Anyone have any hints?

#safegraphdata #general Hello everyone! I am a student at the University of Notre Dame currently writing a thesis that seeks to quantify the effects of Covid-19 on mental health. One of the data files that I was working with contained county mobility data based on different NAICS6 codes, more specifically daily number of visits to each NAICS6 type. However I only have this county-day data from January 1st to May 25th and I need it for the entirety of 2020. I have tried to look around the google doc containing the data dictionaries but I have been unable to recreate this dataset. Anyone have any hints?

Hi @Jonnathan_Cuji_University_of_Notre_Dame , I am not sure which data you are referencing, but this schema has a breakdown of all of the data available - take a look through it. I can help you get whichever data you require from there.

Thanks for the reply Jack!

I see that the Core Places schema has a column name that has “naics_codes” so that is the identifier for mobility I am looking for. I also see the “visits_by_day” column in the Patterns schema so that also works out. The last piece that I am missing is the county (FIPS) identifier, is that something that is generated from the lat-lon coordinates or the postal code data? Maybe I’m just not seeing it? Lastly, would it be difficult to incorporate city/state/region codes into the data? I am seeking to add those to my data in order to control for variation. I am working for places in the U.S. only.

The 12 digit number in the first picture is labeled CBG in SafeGraph and comes from census data

That’s perfect. I can extrapolate the county codes from there

exactly. the words are thrown around interchangeably quite a bit, but I believe the first 5 digits are FIPS and the whole 12 are CBG

So how do I go about selecting and creating the dataset? I can send you the data file that I have formatted if that helps

Do you have access to the catalog?

you have safegraph data already formatted or other source data you want to match to safegraph?

I don’t

My advisor had worked with safegraph data before and just sent me a sample in csv form

interesting, I believe in your message to join the community you should have gotten an invite to the data

Did you join from here? SafeGraph Partners with Dewey to Democratize Access to Data for Academics


I remember I had to e-sign a form as well

Can you do me a favor and look through your emails again (including spam) to make sure you dont have anything about the catalog there before I ping someone to redo the authentication?

Sure, give me a second

Ok, I had an email saying that my access was set but I never set my password. We are all good now

Great! ok so you have 2 options. You can either a) pull it via AWS CLI or b) pull it via web portal (the GUI you see as the catalog)

I would recommend getting a subset of what you think you need, trying it out to make sure it is what you need then pulling the big data via AWS cli

What are you using for analysis? ie python, R, SPSS, Tableau, etc?

I will be using python for clean up and then Stata for analysis.