Trying to download the data on Social Distance and getting this error. Any ideas?

Hi, I’m trying to download the data on Social Distance from the following location “s3://sg-c19-response/social-distancing/v1/2020/01/” and I’m getting the following error "fatal error: An error occurred (404) when calling the HeadObject operation: Key “social-distancing/v1/2020/01/”. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hi. This is SHuang Wineman from City of San Antonio. I have been working on Social Distancing data as well. I use python pip and run cmd to grab the data. It works fro me. Have you resolve the issue about downloading data. I can help you walk through this if you need help.

I used python pip to install awscli, and then in command line to download. Then I wrote a python script to cut the data to Bexar county which I am interested in. And then process data using python and ArcMap.