Trouble installing AWS access key for Windows

Trouble installing AWS access key for Windows.

Hi @Edward_Rincon_The_University_of_Texas_at_Arlington, are you still having issues with AWS or has this been resolved?

Still having issues. Ed

@Edward_Rincon_The_University_of_Texas_at_Arlington Can you provide me with a screenshot of what you are seeing? Including the command and the output. If the screenshot includes your access key, you can either send it to me via DM or cover up the access key

Okay, I will re-start the program and try to capture a screenshot for you Ed

Ryan, please confirm receipt of the screenshot. I really need to access the supermarket data but the AWS setup has been a roadblock. Can you please call me at tel:2147503800|214-750-3800 so we can resolve this quickly ? Ed

@Edward_Rincon_The_University_of_Texas_at_Arlington I’m sending you a DM now