Tool: Automated Dewey Data API Access

Your files on Dewey Data just became MUCH more accessible!

This notebook provides a tool to access Dewey Data in bulk via API. Simply follow the instructions to have your data saved into Google Drive, where you can continue analysis or download to your local machine.

Some useful features:

  • Download multiple data files in one go
  • Easily filter to the data products you plan to work with to avoid wasting eating up storage n your analysis environment
  • Preprocess your data before downloading into your analysis environment, allowing further storage optimization and saving compute power

While the File Browser in the Dewey Marketplace provides a handy interface to download your files, programmatic access may be preferable for many users. The structure of the requests shown in this notebook may be applied in other environments, such as in R on your local machine.

Run the code yourself and be sure to reply with any questions, feature suggestions, or other feedback!