Time variable bug

I have the place and geometry data from safegraph, but the “opened on” variable is missing before 2019. Even for 2019 there is just one observation. Can I get information on when these brands/ stores opened before 2019?

If you look at the SafeGraphdocs, they didn’t start tracking this variable before the middle of 2019

Hi @sbeniwal1 , here is a link to the docs that @Martin_Andersen_UNC_Greensboro referenced in their answer. The link provides some more details on the opened_on and closed_on columns.

Thank you, @Martin_Andersen_UNC_Greensboro and @ryank for this information. Do you think I can find this information on when a business in USA opened on some other platform? It would be really helpful.

Thank you for taking out time.

Hi @sbeniwal1, I found this paper that uses SafeGraph data to identify business closings during the pandemic, which could have some useful techniques for you.

Perhaps more useful – one of that paper’s sources conducts an assessment on the National Establishment Time Series (NETS) database. I would suggest checking out that paper and possibly the database.

Hi Ryan,
Thank you so much for your email.

This is helpful, but I am more interested in when a business opens up. To be specific, I need retail health clinics opening dates (year and month) by county in the US.

Do you have any idea where I can look up for such a database?

Thank you once again.

Hi @sbeniwal1, you are welcome! I found two datasets that might be more helpful, both from the US Census.

Business Dynamics Statistics provides annual measures of business dynamics (such as job creation and destruction, establishment births and deaths, and firm startups and shutdowns) for the economy overall and aggregated by establishment and firm characteristics.

Longitudinal Business Database is a census of business establishments and firms in the U.S. with paid employees comprised of survey and administrative records. The LBD covers all industries and all U.S. States.

There may be others available via the Census website, as well!