Strange device counts in the new Monthly Patterns data

I noticed some strange spikes in the number of devices in the Monthly Patterns data.

I plotted the main variables by date for the entire United States (using either the “ALL_US” country code or summing up data for the “US” country code for each of the metadata files (normalization-stats, visit panel summary, and home panel summary). It looks like something weird is going on with the July 2023 data and, to a lesser extent, the overall visit counts in 2023 compared to previous years.

Hi! To repeat and confirm your observation, are the “strangeness” you are referring to, the outlier dots in the charts for total_home_visits, number_devices_primary_daytime, and number_devices_residing - three charts?

Yes. It’s the sharp rise in the number of devices in the home panel summary in July 2023, the rise in home visits in June 2023 and the sharp fall in total visits throughout 2023.

thanks for the report. I’ve confirmed this with the data. Currently waiting for more info from the data provider.