Some download problems on ADVAN pattern data

I was recently downloading the weekly pattern and the neigiborhood pattern and I found some problems.

Some files are not downloading and show up as “{“type”:“RecordNotFoundError”,“status”:404,“traceId”:“648b783a470c143e29d184f26cc9a337”,“title”:“Not Found”,“detail”:“FileSystemEntry ‘/2021/01/01/ADVAN/NP/20210101-advan_np_us_part22_0’ not found.”}”

The documents in this case are:
· Neighborhood pattern
January 2021 : neighborhood_patterns_000000000020.csv.gz to neighborhood_patterns_000000000026.csv.gz

February 2021: neighborhood_patterns_000000000020.csv.gz to neighborhood_patterns_000000000024.csv.gz

Weekly pattern :
Some of the files in the following folders

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll take a look and get back to you when we have more info.

Hi @haotian - so I was looking into this and I think I see the root of some of the issues.
For Neighborhood Patterns - the January and February NP monthly only have 20 files (labeled 00 - 19). It looks there may have previously been more file parts scanned in during those dates but during a restatement of the data, it may have been cleaned up to be fewer files. So when you try to access file 21 for instance, it’s not pointed to anything in our backend. But you should have all the data you need with the 20 files for those months.

It looks like the number of files increases in March which is why you no longer see that issue. Let us know the data looks happens to look incomplete from the 20 files you have.

Can you clarify the issue you’re reporting with Weekly Patterns? I checked a few of these directories and see all of the files in your account.

Thank you, Evan! I will check if there is any missing data in the neighborhood pattern. I’ve found nothing wrong with the weekly pattern either. Maybe it was due to the previous unstable network.