Show the Community: Integrated dashboards that my independent data science team developed throughout the pandemic

Hello all, wanted to share some integrated dashboards that my independent data science team developed throughout the pandemic. They were submitted to a few competitions and free to the public. Unfortunately the free architecture limited me from continuously ingesting and updating safegraph data, but I hope to get funding to present this public data for organizations to connect to. The SafeGraph product here stands as a case study, the other product is updated as data becomes available from the sources. Please share your comments

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Wow, this is so cool @Jeremiah_Macion_LA_County_Department_of_Health_Services ! Congratulations on this work. How did you do in this competition?

If I recall correctly, @Mae_Morton_Dutton was also involved in this effort? Great work, Mae!

@Ayan_Paul Thought this ties in well with your CoVis app! Wondering if there are some cool collaboration opportunities there :eyes:

Hey @Sarbeswar_Praharaj_Arizona_State_University! I know you’re working on some similar dashboard and visualization work. Have you checked out this work by Jeremiah and Mae?

Hey @Ibrahim_Lacin_Central_Michigan_University! I know you were looking to recreate some similar dashboards on the SafeGraph site. Check out this work by Jeremiah and Mae - be sure to ask him any questions you might have!

Hey @Benjamin_White - I recall you were thinking of using SafeGraph data for some COVID economic impact dashboard. Would be interesting to incorporate the economic impact angle on some of the work Jeremiah and Mae have done!

Nice work @Jeremiah_Macion_LA_County_Department_of_Health_Services ! Thanks for the tag @Niki_Kaz. We can certainly think whether there is some sort of synergy possible.

@Niki_Kaz the team I work with already has a dashboard — i just write the code to pipe and manipulate the data. I can’t track down a link for it at the moment, but i’ll ask my colleagues next week.