Show the Community: Assignment to handle and visualize spatial and temporal data for new data science programmers

SafeGraph data is fantastic for how clean their spatial and temporal data are organized. However, the process of handling and visualizing spatial and temporal data is still a learning curve for all new data science programmers.

This semester I am pushing my seniors to figure this process out with SafeGraph data. Here is their assignment - GitHub - KSUDS/p3_spatial.

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Thank you for sharing this ! Excited to see all the things your students are working on. I know there’s been several Community members interested in looking to use SafeGraph in their teaching. This will be incredibly helpful!

@Ajit_Agrawal_Columbia_University I know you’re looking to use SafeGraph data in an upcoming course. Here’s a glimpse of how another Community member has been using SafeGraph in their teaching!

Hey @Ginger_Jin_University_of_Maryland - I know you’ve already taught a course on big data using SafeGraph. This might be another helpful resource to include if you’re teaching your course again in an upcoming semester. If I recall correctly, your course was predominantly undergraduates. Think this would be a really great exercise for your students.

Hey @Amanda_Stewart_West_Virginia_University - I know you had previously reached out about using some of our dashboards as a teaching and research experience for students. This could be a great alternative, too. You could have students use the same underlying SafeGraph data to create their own visualizations.

Also going to tag several members from the (now archived) teaching channel!

@Ana_Martinovici_Erasmus_University did you end up using SafeGraph data for any of your courses?

Hey - @Shakil_TTU were you able to use SafeGraph data for any of your teaching? Please check out the github link J. shared!

Hey - @Zhuangyuan_Fan_MIT just wanted to make sure you saw this since you were in our teaching channel!

no problem. I will report back how it goes. We start this project next week.

Hey - @Melissa_Baker_University_of_California_Merced e archived the teaching channel a while back but thought this would be relevant to you!

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