Shouldn’t the number of devices be same / similar in both these datasets?

Hi All, reposting my earlier question:
Basically, I am aggregating monthly number_devices_residing county wise from home panel summary dataset. In addition, I’m also aggregating device_counts county wise from social distancing dataset. However, the aggregated total count in both these files are very different. Need some clarifications:
• Shouldn’t the number of devices be same / similar in both these datasets?
• Anyone know if the business definitions are different.
I can share more details if needed. Appreciate the help!!

the candidate_device_count should be more in line for the comparison you are doing

thanks @Lauren_Spiegel_SafeGraph:
is candidate_device_count field part of social distancing??


just for additional context, we’re exploring these datasets to find out num_of_devices residing in the county across US

@Sai_Kishore_Salaka_GMU_CHHS: can u pls confirm if we’re using candidate_device_count for this aggregation?

@Lauren_Spiegel_SafeGraph candidate_device_count exceeds the device_count. Do you know what field from the POI dataset and Social Distancing dataset will give number of devices county wise similar?


the number_devices_residing from the home panel summary that goes with Patterns is getting at the same concept as candidate_device_count

@Lauren_Spiegel_SafeGraph: after looking into few datasets for diff days/ months … it looks like the candidate_device_count is higher than what we see number_devices_residing in the home panel summary. Is there any 1-1 mapping between these fields anywhere?

There is no number_devices_residing for SDM. What are you trying to do?

I’m using SDM and POI data to see the matching device counts between these datasets per each CBG(Census Block Group). Just wanted to know why there is a discrepancy between these data sets. Ideally, the number of devices should be same in a CBG in both these datasets. But, I don’t see any matches.

Can we have a brief call so that I can go over this issue and the use case that we’re trying to solve?

@John_Votta_SafeGraph fyi…

The home counts provided along with each product are specific to that product.

@Lauren_Spiegel_SafeGraph @John_Votta_SafeGraph It will be great if we can have a brief call sometime today. I can explain the use case and the challenges we are facing.