Should we be relying on SafeGraph data to analyze this place’s occupancy over time?

Hi all. We are a research team working on modeling disease spread on our university campus. There is a particular POI that we would be interested in its weekly foot traffic data. This POI is in the SafeGraph dataset, but there is a problem. Although this POI closed its old location in September 2019 and opened its new location in January 2020, its street address still shows the old location. Should we be relying on SafeGraph data to analyze this place’s occupancy over time? Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Sukru_Yagiz_Olmez_University_of_Illinois_at_Urbana_Champaign, could you clarify a bit for me. Do you mean the SafeGraph POI data is showing an inaccurate address for a POI you are interested in?

i.e. the address SafeGraph has is out of date?

also, if you have the SafeGraph Place ID, I would appreciate if you could send it over so I can take a look

The address SafeGraph has is out of date


Thank you. I will look into this

are you getting the new and old location from Google or their website or where?

I know the place. It is a very popular one on campus.

On Google the correct address is listed

Great! thanks

The old address was demolished in September 2019. Now there is a construction going on there. Thank you so much for your help.

Hi @Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1 thanks a lot for your help! All of the information you provide is correct including the new address. I didn’t analyze the data for the old location, since I wanted to confirm with you first. That’s why I cannot comment on the abnormality of traffic.

There is currently a construction work going on in the old location.

I don’t know whether this is possible, but I would appreciate it if you also add the following POI to your dataset.

The Red Lion

211 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820


I will flag it, Thanks @Sukru_Yagiz_Olmez_University_of_Illinois_at_Urbana_Champaign

Thank you @Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1. I would like to ask one more question. There is a Papa John’s next to Kam’s. They are so close that when I enter Papa John’s address Placekey generator creates this image

The H3 is fine, they should share the same H3 - however they should have different address and POI encodings.

What placekey did that send back?


It is 19 digits