Same query, different/incomplete results from the Search query in Places API

Hello, I’m tring to download POI information by Search query of the Placekey API, but get much less POIs than I expected. I find that this may be related to the pagination: 1) the Search function can return different results with the same query; 2) the hasNextPage sometimes return false before listing all POIs; 3) Sometimes I get the same page even if I submit the endCorsor of the previous page in the after.

For an example, there are 2340 US POIs with NACIS code 621112 (listed in the Places Summary Statistics). I run the following query on GraphiQL to get their information:

query {
    filter: {
      naics_code: 621112
      address: { 
        iso_country_code: "US" 
  ) {
    places {
      results (first:200 after:"") {
        edges {
          node {
            safegraph_core {
        pageInfo { hasNextPage, endCursor}

Sometimes I get these results, showing that there are only 200 POIs:

Sometimes I get different results, indicating that there are more pages:

In the second case, I submit the endCursor in the results to after, and it might return at least 2 different results:

Notice that the first result in the second iteration is also the same as the first result in the first iteration and show that there are no more page. In some other cases, the result can be different from previous, but still with a false hasNextPage.

I can continue the iteration with the endcursor in the second result but the problem still exists. Finally, when I access the POI data (NAICS 621112) in R using while loop, I can get many different POI lists. Only in a few accidental situations, I can get the complete list (2340 POIs). Others lists are much shorter than 2340 (they are returned by the same code).

This really confused me. Since our research need POI data in some ‘larger’ category, I can hardly download them using API.

Is there any solution to this problem? Or I can apply more credits and download the data from Shop (>$15000). Both ways are accepetable to us as long as the downloaded POI list is complete for our focused naics.