Same address, different Placekeys

I have the same address, ran through the Google Sheets extension but it created 2 different place keys.

S69W15361 Janesville Rd
Muskego, WI
PLACEKEY= 222@5sc-f28-zj9

S69 W15361 Janesville Rd
Muskego WI
PLACEKEY - zzy-222@5sc-f28-zj9

You can see that there are small differences between the addresses, such is often the case with Wisconsin locations with the first Placekey omitting the Address Encoding section, I think.

If the second set, POI Encoding, is for a location name, what happens if you run an address with a location name and the same address without the location name? I’m confused because if you dropped the location name, “Aldi” wouldn’t you drop the second set of the three characters? And if so, then how do you match a Placekey ran with an address against another Placekey ran with a location name?

Or why did I receive 2 different Placekeys for the same location?

Hey @dsemitekol - thanks for reaching out. Let me investigate this a little further, and I’ll circle back to this soon. Thanks!

Hey @dsemitekol - thanks for your patience. I’m going to start with your initial question as some of these might be downstream of your first point.

I’m actually not able to replicate the two different Placekeys for the slight variation in address. Here’s a screenshot of the two POIs with corresponding Placekeys. I’m also using the Sheets extension.

This is the expected behavior since the Placekeys should be the same even with minor address formatting differences.

You might double-check to make sure you have your columns mapped correctly on the Sheets extension. That will ensure that it’s not missing any of the attributes when generating the Placekeys.

To your other point, Placekeys cannot be generated unless the POI has a location name. If you try to generate a Placekey with the name omitted, it should return as Invalid address.

Hi Niki

When I run the address from your website I get the different results, please see the attachments.

If a POI has a name but we run an address without the name will we still return an invalid result?