Safegraph Spend Data: Why is there no information about UberEats in transaction intermediaries variable?

I am working with the variables regarding transaction intermediaries. I found that they have informatino about usage of delivery apps such as doordash, postmates, and grubhub, but I couldn’t find any single transaction using UberEats. Is there any specific reason for this?

Hi @choh, this is an artifact of the transaction not having enough information to attribute to a POI.

For example:

A transaction string must have two merchants, a POI, and a transaction intermediary, to have an intermediary associated with a POI. Ex: SQ* Chipotle #257 has Chipotle and Square.

Uber Eats transactions come through with no description of the associated merchant, so they cannot tied to a POI. Ex: Uber Eats debit card purchase.

Thanks for your reply! It is really helpful. I also have a related question. We found that the number of transactions using doordash is much lower than the number of transactions using either postmates or grubhub. I wonder if some of doordash transactions also do not have merchants’ infomation.