SafeGraph Spend Data: Does the 'customer_home_city' mean a city, a county or a zip code tabulation area? Is the shapefile of the boundaries of 'home cities' available?

I am using the safegraph spend data. May I ask what does the ‘customer_home_city’ mean in the dataset? For example, is '‘Abell, TX" a county, a census tract or a zip code tabulation area in Texas? I can’t find corresponding maps for these areas in the official website of the US government. If I want to do some spatial analyses on consumption behaviors, where can I get the boundaries of these areas? Or is there anywhere I could find spend pattern data with customers’ home location at the census tract/census block level?
Thanks in advance!

The attribute definition is “The number of customers to the POI based on the customer’s estimated home location. Homes are indicated by unique city and state pairs.” So it looks like it’s a City.

From their docs

  • Each customer in the panel is classified into an income class using a proprietary model based on his or her transactions and spending data.
  • Similarly, each customer’s home city and state are estimated using a proprietary model based on where the user makes the majority of their transactions.
  • Note that we do not provide any individual-level data in this dataset, and these models are used solely for aggregating demographic information about customers to points of interest. A reminder that both of these columns are subject to differential privacy, implemented specifically to remove the possibility of identifying individuals with this data. See Privacy for more.