[SafeGraph Spend] Can we define entry/exit of business using Spend dataset?

We’re trying to define entry and exit of businesses in terms of “placekey” variable. Specifically, we want to define "exit’ when the certain “placekey” does not appear in Spend dataset for a ceratain period of time. There are some questions regarding the entry and exit.

  1. Can there be other reasons for the certain placekey disappear from the dataset other than real exit of the business? For example, redefining the placekey for ceratin reason.

  2. We found that certain placekeys repeatedly appear and disappear month by month. Can there be potential reasons for this pattern other than short-term shutdown?

  3. When is the new placekey assigned to a certain location?

  4. When does the placekey disappear in the dataset? Is it only the case where there is no transaction in the certain business in the certain month?