SafeGraph or Geo-social networks for analysing POI check-in data?

In order to model POI visits, I’m planning to use SafeGraph data. I have been challenged to explain why SafeGraph data should be used instead of the current Geo-social networks to analyze user check-in data. Can anyone help me to identify the pros and cons of using SafeGraph? For instance, if SafeGeaph data cover a larger population, or is the granularity of the data coarser comparing to the current Geo-social networks such as Yelp and Foursquare?

Hey @Negin_Zarbakhsh_UCD ! Might be helpful to check out a few different resources to evaluate the different pros and cons. Have you already looked at our Summary Statistics? It’ll give you an overview of valuable metrics for each of our datasets. I encourage you to take a look through all of them. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.

You might also check out our Release Notes, which give updates on each monthly release, and our Known Issues and Data Artifacts page to evaluate possible limitations of SafeGraph data.

You might also check out our page on Sampling Bias in SafeGraph Data. Another great read to help you determine if SafeGraph is a good fit!

Might be good to run through these resources and make some comparisons to other datasets you’re considering. Thanks, Negin!

Hi Niki,

Thank you so much for providing me with these links; I found them helpful, especially the Summary Statistics.

No problem! Let me know if there are other resources I can send you that would be helpful.

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