SafeGraph Matching service

On the old SafeGraph site there was a matching service in which you could upload a list of businesses – name, address, phone number, etc – and SafeGraph would try to match to a POI.

It does not look like that feature was ported over to DeweyData but just wanted to check: can it be confirmed the service is no longer available?

@Koleman_Strumpf thanks for writing in. That’s correct, this service is no longer provided by SafeGraph and was not transferred over to Dewey.

One workaround could be to use the free Placekey API to return a Placekey for a given address, then join that to the SafeGraph data.

Thanks for the infos Evan!

My concern with the API is that I am not sure the time it will take to run for say 3-5k places. Is there any sense of how long the server would take to process that many requests?

Shouldn’t take long. From what I understand they have an internal limit on 1000/min, so overall it shouldn’t take more than 5min.

They have a batch API as well I believe: Getting Started with Part 2

@Koleman_Strumpf I’ll echo what Evan said here–the Placekey API should be able to handle 3-5k places no problem. And if you’re not interested in using the API programmatically, there are a number of no-code integrations you could use, such as the Google Sheets integration.

Excellent much appreciation Ryan and Evan for the feedback. I will check out the API in more detail.

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