SafeGraph dropped `visit_home_cbgs`?

Hi, I used SafeGraph in 2019 and at that time, there was one column called visit_home_cbgs, which is a plus that we can estimate the frequency of visits in addition to unique visitor numbers (visitor_home_cbgs does this job). However, this column seems to be dropped in the current database. I was wondering if any other column in the data can provide similar information. Thanks! - Yingjie

I have a similar question. I’m wondering where folks can get access to this data, and whether CBG means census based group where I could just find the information online as to which code connects to which area. Thanks so much!

Hi @evan-barry-dewey , do you know why this column is empty in the weekly pattern data?

Hi @Yingjie_Li_MSU , @matthewdallen25 , and @Sled7424, thanks for posting.

First, Dewey is now using Advan for foot traffic data instead of SafeGraph, but the columns should match. I see visitor_home_cbgs is a populated column in the product preview, and an unpopulated column in the sample from the same page.

Can you share which dates/files you are looking at that does not have that column populated? Also, when did you last notice the column was populated?