S&P 500 - General Questions and Support

Use this thread to ask any general questions about free S&P 500 data available via Dewey. Learn more here .

Hi it says that the data is updated at a monthly frequency (the 7th of every month) but the last time it was refreshed was August. Can it please be updated?

Taking a look a this and will get back to you. We’re just pulling this from a public source at the moment.

We’re also actively talking with a few financial data providers that will bring much more robust market data to the platform shortly.

@fullagar we did a one time refresh of the S&P datasets as we explore more robust market data options.

Hi @evan-barry-dewey. Thanks for updating. The 2023 data has 525 and the 2000 data has 374… can you explain why, please.

For this source, the historical S&P500 data is fetched based on the list of companies that are included in the S&P500 list today.

We’re exploring new sources that will have more robust historical data.