Research paper: "Profiling Insurrection: Characterizing Collective Action Using Mobile Device Data"

We think our working paper from January on the #insurrection event in Washington, DC is relevant to some here.

We use a new method for estimating community-level participation in mass-scale protests. We find a robust link w/ partisanship, Proud Boys and Parler posts.


Here’s the Twitter summary:

The paper is available for direct download here

Hi @Austin_L_Wright_Univ_of_Chicago, this is a very interesting and thorough paper. I am curious if you plan to expand on this in any way to create some form of predictive analysis that can stop similar events in the future from happening before they begin?

Thanks @Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1. That would be a few steps beyond what we have done in this paper. Possible but one would need to be careful as there are some potential ethical concerns to take into consideration.