Research Paper: CEO Political Leanings and Store-Level Economic Activity during COVID-19 Crisis: Effects on Shareholder Value and Public Health

Thanks to SafeGraph, we now have a paper that examines the effects of a CEO’s political leanings on the firm’s store traffic and implications for shareholder welfare and public health. If you have any feedback, we would love to incorporate it to the paper.

@Jue_TCU this is great work! Mind if we pitch this to some press outlets?

@Jue_TCU Another great paper on the political aspect of the pandemic! There have been previous research on how different aspects such as the general political leanings of the state, state policies, supporting Trump or not etc. on social distancing. Would you say all of these factors play a role in a store’s opening decisions in addition to the CEO’s political leaning? How would those (together with the CEO effect) synergistically affect store opening decisions or social distancing in stores?

@Ruowei_Yang_UM_Baltimore Thank you agian for hosting the seminar today! I think many of the the various aspects you mentioned may have impact on social distancing and store traffic. We tried to control for these aspects by adding various controls, county, or CBG level fixed effect in the paper. It would be interesting to explore how these other apects affect the firms in the futre. Thanks for the suggestion!