Research paper: "A spatial analysis of the COVID-19 period prevalence in U.S. counties through June 28, 2020: where geography matters?"

Hello, everyone…I found a fascinating published article about the spatial relations of COVID transmission in mid-2020…it tries to determine what parts of COIVD transmission is based on direct geographic factors…it finds a consistent pattern on the coasts and the Black Belt in the Deep South, as long as spatial modeling is involved…if it is not, it overestimates COVID rates

However, it still cannot account for erratic and unpredictable for the Plains states that have unpredictable heterogeneity according to the data that needs more micro-investigation and more geographical spatial analysis.

@Matthew_Dawidowicz Interesting study. I’m not surprised by you finding that a spatial outperforms a spatial model when dealing with U.S. counties. Have you updated the data to see if your results are still as good through June 2021 as they were through May 2020? I’m also curious if the residual spans for the Great Plains to Southwest Texas held up?