Recheck Data Acquisition?

Hi, my recent Dewey data acquisition for SafeGraph seems to have left out the home_panel_summary for August 2022 and several files for September 2022. This irregularity only occurs for these 2 months. Can we have someone check on this? Thanks!

Looks like this is a similar issue to what’s reported here:

We’re working on a fix and should get this resolved soon.

This should be fixed now.

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Hi, it is not fixed. The Aug 2022 home_panel_summary file is no there and Sep 2022 is still fragmented.

The only difference is that some of the SafeGraph Spend normalization stats now appear, but I’m using the monthly patterns product.

My apologies - we had a problem with Weekly Patterns product and that was fixed.

We have an open issue tracking Monthly Patterns product with the platform we are using and as soon as that is resolved we will report back.

Hi, just to update on my side, now Sep 2022 seems to appear fully but Jul-Aug 2022 is completely gone.