Questions related to spend-ohio data

Hi, I found that in our marketplace of Spend-ohio data, the description said ‘Please be sure to place an order between September 2022 and today.’, but the buying options only contains complete history, and seems like after I ordered, the data I receive is just Spend data, not Spend-ohio(they are under ‘sp’ and ‘ss’ folder), do you mind checking it?

Hi @louisyang it looks like there is more historic Spend Ohio data available than the description permitted.

To clarify, the data marked as SS in your files should be Ohio only, and the SP data should be for the entire Spend file that you ordered. You can see the differences in the files sizes.

Hi Evan, thanks to your reply, the file name in the SP folder is spend_patterns.csv.gz, and there are only 36 attributes, not like the document said to be 46 attributes, and I searched some plackets, turned out like first 5 plackeys in the data frame like 222-222@3bt-byd-ghq, 222-222@3x5-4p2-rhq, 222-222@5nw-grk-649 are not in Ohio, do you mind check my order? Order num 2709 with order item 8364, and order num 1868 with order item 7126.

Looking into those POI to see if the file was correctly delivered.

Checking the attributes on the product listing, it looks like the listing is assumes the data has been joined with the Places data to get things like NAICS, Lat/Long, etc.

You can always join this data yourself using the Placekey as a join key.

We verified that they Placekeys provided are not from the Ohio Spend product. They were likely take from a different product.

I made an order again, order num 2872 with item 8647. The data sent is still under SP folder, and Placekeys provided above is still in the dataset, do you mind checking it again?

This three poi is from 2023/01/01/Safegraph/SP, which is sent after I order the spend-ohio data set (even the lastest order I shown above), so that makes me confused.

The time period I set is from Jan 1st 2019 to May 27th 2023, is it ok?

If you’re looking for Ohio data, please be sure to use the SS data. The SP data was a free random sample that was added to everyone’s account so they could use our tutorial notebooks. We’ve approved your new order.

Thank you so much for the help Evan, another problem is that from the description it says spend ohio data has Top category and Sub category attribute, but I haven’t found it in csv files. I manage to merge the file with brand_info.csv which is under P folder, but since half of the stores haven’t got a safegraph_brand_id, I can only got 25k store’s category info among original more than 40k data. Any ideas how to get the category attribute of rest data?

Hi @louisyang - unfortunately the Spend data is not pre-appended to the Places data, so you’re thinking about this the right way as it does require you to join the datasets. However, instead of using the safegraph_brand_id, you can join Spend and Places using the Placekey for each POI, which should provide a 100% match rate with categories.