Questions about data before 2018 and credit card transaction data

Hi all, I am new to this community and hope to ask some questions about SafeGraph datasets.
It seems there were some previous threads related to these questions, but was not sure I understand correctly.
Apologies if my questions are redundant!

  1. The food traffic data seems to start from Jan 2018.
    However some papers I read had data from the period before Jan 2018.
    For example, Athey et al. (2018) used the data from Jan - Oct 2017.
    Testoni, Sakakibara, & Chen (2019) had the data from Nov 2015 - Nov 2017.
    I was wondering whether it is possible to access data before 2018 - I am willing to purchase those if they are not freely accessible.

  2. I also came across a paper by Yuan et al. (2021) that uses credit card transaction data from Safegraph.
    I could not find this on the Shop corner. Would it be possible to know whether this data is accessible (or purchasable?)
    Or any other sources for the credit card transaction data? I saw the data from Facteus!

Thank you in advance!

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Hey ! Thanks for reaching out in the Community - these are great questions.

Indeed, you will see some publications out there that have cited SafeGraph data pre-2018. However, we no longer offer that data. There have been a lot of changes both in our Core Places dataset, and in our panel, etc, that make data prior to 2018 substantively different than Jan 1 2018 onward. So if you saw a difference in visitors it would be very hard to say whether those differences were real or if they were an artifact due to such changes. That’s why we do not have that data available.

Regarding your second qustion, we did offer credit card transaction data in conjunction with Facteus through a previous platform called the Catalog. However, since we couldn’t guarantee ongoing data updates and support, we made the decision with the Facteus team to pull down the Facteus dataset. It may be helpful to check out this resource that was created going over some alternative sources for financial data. We ask that you do your due diligence and explore which provider(s) meet your needs best. If you have used any of the data sets, let us know in general-discussion as it may be helpful to our other Community members!