Question about the search API/data coverage

Question about the search API/data coverage. Currently I’m trying to query all the POI’s in Toronto/a given city, but for Toronto after reaching the end of the search results for city: “Toronto”, I’m only getting data from the pink census block group. I’m wondering if this is because the search limits the number of POI’s returned or if it’s a data availability issue?

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is this from paginating through the responses? and do you know how many POIs that is?

I realized this isn’t paginating since I wasn’t paginating correctly. I think once we’re able to do it correctly it should hopefully improve. We’re also curious if each “city” are actually neighborhoods? since we tried searching by the first 3 postal code digits, and we were getting poi’s from different “cities” but are technically still in Toronto.

im not actually sure, let me check with our places team

ok so from our experience, using the city name is notoriously unreliable. major cities and their suburbs are often used interchangeably (ex: Dallas and Addison TX). In our NYC data we use a lot more than 5 city names (ex: the Corona neighborhood in Queens). when we do data matching we will often use postal code in lieu of city name.

got it, this makes a whole lot of sense. thanks!