Question about Safegraph Spend coverage for newly added POI's

Hello, I see on Safegraph’s website that they are constantly adding in new POIs for the places dataset. I was wondering if these newly added places are historically backfilled for the spend dataset. For example, say if a restaurant opens in January 2020 but doesnt get added to Safegraphs places until March 2020, would the spend be updated to include spending for the restaurant back to January 2020? Are newly added POI’s to the places dataset even included in the spend dataset at all?

Hi @jtatarka thanks for writing in. We haven’t received any backfills of the Spend data from SafeGraph, so any new POI they’ve added have not been historically included in the Spend data. I can check to see if they plan on doing a full backfill at some point the future.

To clarify, if new POI are added to the Places dataset that they can match transactions to, they’ll add them to the Spend dataset (so the number of POI is growing each month). But they don’t backfill the historical Spend data for those locations.

Thank you for the quick response. I would appreciate you checking to see if they plan on doing a full backfill of the spend data at some point.

They don’t have plans to do a backfill.