Platform Updates FAQs

We’re rolling out some changes to your Dewey account, so there are some important items to prepare for. Here’s an FAQ breaking down everything you need to know:

Q: What changes are occurring?
A: We’re rolling out a number of new features in order to make it easier to browse and access data for your research. We’ve also incorporated a number of new ways to access datasets, added new data partners, and merged the login experience with the Dewey community.

Q: Does anything change with my login credentials?
A: Yes. We’ll now be using your Dewey Community login to manage product access in order to upgrade our account management to OAuth 2.0 standards. To access the platform, please create a new account at the following URL: Your previous credentials will not work to login unless you use those to create a new account first.

If you’ve previously created a community account with your university-affiliated email address, you should be able to log in using that account.

Q: Do I need to subscribe or repurchase data I already accessed?
A: For Dewey subscribers, you’ll automatically be subscribed to any previous product orders you’ve made. The “Browse My Files” tab will no longer exist, so you will need to select a new option for accessing the data files. For all users, previous sample orders will not be available after the update, but new samples can be ordered. Read more about our platform updates and data access here.

Q: What new datasets will be available?
A: With this update, you’ll see a number of new datasets available for subscribers including a POS dataset from Skupos, a salary and compensation dataset from WageSape, TV viewership and ad exposure data from Samba TV, historical bond data from 7Chord, and company insights from People Data Labs. Samples of these datasets are available for all users.

Q: Will the URL for the platform change?
A: Yes, the updated platform will be hosted at a new URL, but don’t worry, the existing one will redirect in a few days.

To get you started, we’ve created a step-by-step guide with some helpful screenshots and explanations. Check it out here.

We’re so excited for you to start using our updated platform to discover and access new data for your research. If you have any questions on the above, please comment them here on this thread.

Hi, I logged back in using my University email credentials, but it looks like in the new update my subscription may not be recognized? When I attempt to access data, I’m given an error “You don’t have access to consume this data product”. Is this a known issue?

We’ve updated your account! Looks like a few of the more recent subscribers might have slipped through.

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Hello, I had the same problem. When I logged in using my University email, I could not find the previous subscription. Is there anything I need to do? Thank you for your help!

Hi @tzhou - I checked your account and it looks like your previous order was for Patterns data previously provided by SafeGraph.

SafeGraph no longer provides access to Patterns data for academic research so these datasets weren’t transitioned to the new platform. If you’d like to receive updated Patterns data from our other partners, it’s available with a subscription. The previous platform with those old orders will be live a few more days.

My subscription was with DEWEY (obtained in June, not from SafeGraph). When you say “the previous platform with those old orders will be live a few more days,” could you please let me know which platform? I could not find the old DEWER platform where I could see the data folders.

Any previous order can be accessed here for the next week:

I am also getting a 401 when I try to use my API key for Advan monthly patterns. Is there any chance my account is also not up and running?

I had to click “Save” after I generated my API key. Then my 401 problems went away

Hi there,

I registered for this community account following the instructions. However, I don’t have access to any data at Everything seems fine with the old interface at I submitted a form last week to verify my academic status. Is there anything else I need to do to ensure access to the data?

By the way, the step-by-step guide link you provided ( is not working.

Thanks, we fixed the link to the new getting started guide: Tutorial: Getting Started with Dewey

It looks like we didn’t have your account hooked up with a Research Team account. We’ve gone ahead and updated it so you should be able to access to the subscription datasets now.

Hi Martin, I also have 401 problems. I only saw “create connection” but no “save” API key. Where is “save”? Thanks!

The app has been updated to that Create Connection is what saves the API key. Make sure to copy and store the API key first since it will not appear again after you’ve saved it.